Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A rider's diary


A rider is an important person of a journey. Riding a vehicle, in a sea of vehicles. No less, challenges always ahead waiting to attack. A rider as me, who recently drive a car after 5 year hibernations, is being afraid of returning to be a driver, again.

Was given the chance to drive a friend's car, I drove alone with no one's supervision. It is like a football player who has been taking a long break, was called again to play. A little bit of nervousness remain insides. A little bit of awkward never leave. I drove by my own bravery, emotions, and patience.

A driver is always attacked by "hon" sounds, other driver's threats and all of dangerous risk that lied on the road. For a long hibernating driver as me, those attacks sure will make me give up on driving. And some people did, left their willing to drive. Became a theoretically driver, not a practical driver.

A rider or a driver is just like a person who are facing his life. There are so many challenges in our lives. Sickness, money issues, relationship problems, and so many more that will weaken ourselves. Do these threatening conditions should break our strengths and let us give up? No, we should not. A life is a journey with lot of lessons. Do we leave our study or school just because the subjects are difficult. No right. So do we will not leave our lives just because it is hard. And, for me. I will not stop driving just because it is troublesome.

A rider and a driver also afraid of being injured or even killed. Na'udzubillah. But, being afraid is a necessary because we have to take precautions, but never leave. Never leave a role as a rider or a driver. Injuries and deaths are all belongs to Allah s.w.t. will. we must be prepared and not running away. If we are not arranged by Allah to be injured on any specific day, it will not occur. So, do not afraid.

Yes, I will not afraid. I still want to be a driver who are a traveller of  lessons. InshaAllah.

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