Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PC Fair 2011

For you who ever love events, fairs or gadgets, this sure a good news for you right? ;) 

15-17 April 2011, KLCC

click here to no more ! ;)


b O N g F a R a said...

can't wait for the pc fair. i got few things to buy. :)

eyt~ thanx for ur info last time. sy shopping those felts and buttons on9. and i didn't received it yet, so xley nk ckp pe ag sal their quality. but, seriously, doing this kind of craft really attract me well. rse seronok pulak. hiee~

tu link blog yg sy shopping tuh. pay them a visit once u have any free time k. :)
button kt ctu sume comel2, just yg x best nye bnde comel, cpat sold out la. me myself got few buttons yg sy suke, dah sold out.

later, kalo sy dah dpt those yg sy ordered tu, and i've done some craft. i'm going to share it with u. orite? :)

eezance said...

bongfara : ur welcome dear.. :) buttonplanet tu sy pernah tgk, tp sy slalu beli barang slain buttons..

ok, nanti share tau.. waiting! :D