Monday, April 11, 2011

An awesome photo hunt!


Last weekend, I really had fun. There was a camp that I joined with my friends. A leadership camp. For me, a camp is sure a fun mix with tough activities. But, then this camp was different, it provided interesting games. One of it was a photo hunt.

Since that camp was held at Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. The area which we will hunt for photos would be at Taman Melawati. A place with a lot of shops and cars. It has been a long time ago I did go there. Lunch at Pizza Hut with family when I was a little kid, companied my sister when we went to pay bills 2 years ago. So, with this hunting, we went around and around that place. It has changed so much that I could not really recognise it.

So, there were 2 challenges for us. A and B. For A, we have to follow the 6 clues and take photo of that clues according to the sequences given. 1 hour was given to finish the task.

Challenge A :

Harimau Kaya
Bintang Barat
Buy Sell Trade
You Owe
Taman Pha Pha

Challenge B :

A thing start with "G"
A BIG thing
A place that you can relax
A creative photo

What did we capture then? Wait for the next post yea. I have to take the photo from my friend first. For those who are a photography lover, you sure know how much fun it is when the activity is a photo hunting. I was so excited! Although I do not have a camera at that time, one of my friend lent me his.

He asked us " Do you have a camera ? "
I smiled at him and spread my hands as a signal " Absolutely we want yours ".

A yay for me. That camera that he lent was awesome. An Olympus camera, M. Zuiko Digital. Everybody who saw me holding that camera were surprised. Their jaws almost dropped down. Oh, I am just exaggerating :D

A pose with a lent camera.
A thing starts with G. :)
A group photo . :)
When we were hunting for photos, we rode a car. A driver, a time watcher, a manager and a photo-capturer. You know what will happen when we were searching clues while riding? Panic mixed with excitement. Almost making other drivers mad. Then, taking a photo while the car was moving. Such like a stalker. Heeh.. Other than that,asking people in a rush. Like a police or a detective to find the suspect place. Wonderful memories I must say.

I hope one day, I can organise such a photo hunt for the photography lovers. I want them to enjoy what I have enjoyed with lot of fun. :)

tiny me : I want to buy a DSLR, really. 


EB said...

I know is gonna be fun!!
I ♥ that kind of activity..

What DLSR you like?

eezance said...

EB : yeah~ it is so lot of fun. :) looking forwards for any more of it.

Erm.. I am not really familiar with DSLR, but I hope for now I only afford for cheap one and have functions that I want. Do you have any suggestion? ;)

Sasa Al-Sharif said...

as long as it call 'camera', i'll love it. cam catch the moment :)

eezance said...

sasa : me too.. ;)

Faaein Himura said...

wah.. best.. i'm waiting that moment too... hehehe..

for the beginner i suggest you to buy Nikon D3100.. but if you have more budget, just grab what you like..

p/s: i'm nikonian thats why i suggest you to buy nikon.. about canon.. better ask mr.sasa.. huhuhu.. (^^,)