Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am on fire


On my second day of final year, I and my friends already teamed up a study group. Total up 7 of us, we had a meeting just now. A brainstorming session where we would discuss about how we gonna make our study group's like. So, we made it a symptom based discussion. I am so sorry to let you know this, but I would like to spill out everything that's in my mind. Is it okay? ;)

Alhamdulillah, after a 2 hours plus discussion, we made the decisions. :) Our study group notifications will be posted in the facebook. I already created a group for us. That's how we take advantages from it, don't we?
I feel like, my spirits are fired up to the maximum level. InshaAllah, I really hope this level never have the gut to fall down again.

We also planned to invite the doctors in the wards to be our personal tutor. Hopefully, we will get a good response tomorrow.  :)

tiny me : i need a lot of reading now!


Sasa Al-Sharif said...

doctor as ur tutor & u're a medic student, are u?

eezance said...

sasa : yes, I am.. :)

Faaein Talip Roy said...

wah.. that's great.. good luck in your final year eezance.. (^^,)