Sunday, April 17, 2011

20 hours at home


Tomorrow will be my first day of final year, but I still wanna go home. My grandfather is going to Makkah Al Mukarramah at 2.00 pm, today. By the time I wrote this, I think he might already on the air on his way to the destination.

Yesterday, I went home. From Cheras, I took LRT to Bandaraya. Then, I went home by bus. Being in the bus at that time, I always play the role as road scene's stalker. There are too much things I want to share with you about those scenes. Maybe in my next post, InshaAllah. When I arrived home, my uncles and aunts were already there.

Usually, when I arrived home, I was so tired that I need a long rest. Due to the festive atmosphere in my house, I could not sleep. I helped my aunt at the kitchen, and what I have to do was only cutting the fruits. We had a family dinner so as thanksgiving ceremony last night.. When I was cutting the fruits with my aunt, came one of my uncles which was my mother's younger brother.

" Oh! " he said. " What is this? " acting like he didn't know what I was cutting on the table,he grabbed one slice into his mouth. " Haha~" he laughed when he saw my furious face. Oh my, my uncle is so naughty.

Then, came another uncle. " Oh! I've never seen this! " he said. And he also grabbed one slice. My aunt besides me showed her furious face too. " Haha~ " he laughed and he went outside the kitchen happily.

Again, came my another uncle. " Oh! Look tasty. " Grabbed, again one more slice. Hoho. This was too enough. So naughty that I laughed with the rest of the people in the kitchen.

Not enough, then my mother's eldest sister came to the kitchen. " Oh! I have to taste this. Who knows maybe it is not tasty. " She grabbed another slice. So as my another aunt. I shook my head. All of them are naughty ever! My mom just smiled and shook her head too. She knows better about her siblings since they were small. If I were their's mom, I am sure I shook my head all over the time while smiles on my face. :) Naughty cute kids sure bring happiness. How about naughty cute uncles? Erghh.. Looks weirdo. Hehe~

So, today in the morning. We convoyed to KLIA to send my grandparents. Let's the picture story to you, our journey.

I captured this inside the van. Don't mind the reflected image there.. ;)

Arrival at KLIA. 

Waiting for the departure time, while looking at crowds.

Oh I see. Need to buy this size then. :)

My uncles sure love picnic with foods.. :)

My grandparents already checked in. We were at the view areas.

Sayonara. May you are safe in your journey. Amin..

After we went back from KLIA, I was sent back to my college. Alhamdulillah. One more thing settled, but there are still too much to prepare and set up. But, for now. I need rest. Have a good day everyone.

Take care..


Faaein Himura said...

semoga atuk eezance slamat di sana.. =]

eezance said...

Faaein : tq faaein.. harapnya begitulah~ amin... ;)

EB said...

What a wonderful and awesome photo story.. I'm lovin it.. Cool..

Have a pleasant journey to them..
Insha'Allah everything is gonna be oraits..