Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All nighter


It is almost 3.00 am in the early morning. I am still awake. Drinking hot chocolate at time like this is really an indulgence way of stay awake. I am unable to sleep. Anhedonia maybe? Well, since it is holidays, I am doing the same activities almost everyday. Wake up, eating, online, blogwalking, watching cartoons, resting, sleeping.. And  due to excessive time of sleep, my eyes just refused to close!

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am a part time craft maker. I play with threads, buttons and felts. Sometimes with PVC fabrics. I make chains, holders and brooch. Still, I must say that I am an amateur crafter. There are so many people who have guts to make awesome crafts. Maybe I should create a new type of entry here. " Craft Hunting" !

Maybe, InshaAllah. If you are accidentally, or already known of those awesome crafter. Do let me know yea. Thanks. Now, I am still on my way to finish the pending orders. Hype!

Take care then..



b O N g F a R a said...

waa. we have the same interest ! seronok~ :)

wanna ask ur opinion.
ya felt tu, better jenis yg cmne eh?
Polyester oke x?

if u are looking for a cute button. ucan visit this blog.

eezance said...

bongfara : really? :D yeah.. memang seronok..

erm.. byk jenis2 felt ni, tapi yg berkuali tu jarang jumpa supplier kat mesia ni..

selalunya polyester je jumpa. sy rasa ok. Cuma kena check bila nak beli, kadang2 ada yg cepat berbulu.. huhu..

kalo dpt material yg berkualiti n tak berbulu mmg best. kalau jumpa inform sy tau.. ;)


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