Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When you are dreaming so lot, it will get into your dream


When you are dreaming so lot, in will get into your dream. I did. Yesterday, I was so full of dreams to travel all over the world. I did search for the promotions. And did some advices seeking from friends who are still studying over the seas.

And, I was so excited that I ended up dreamed about it last night, in my dreamy land. In that dreamy story, my family was planning to have a vacation in Indonesia. We were so happy that we packed and dreamed about what will happen when we arrive. Unfortunately, you know. Sometimes good stories turn out to be a bad stories at the end of our sleep.

Due to a matter, I was unable to fly to Indonesia at the same day as my family. Then, I had the difficulty to contact them. You know how difficult I was when trying to survive a happy ending in that dream? I failed. I tried to find companion who is willing to go with me. And goodness, I could contact my family again. They told the place where they were staying at that time.

Unfortunately again, when I arrived there. That place turned to be at another place, not Indonesia. How am I going to be there?

Then, I woke up. Sigh. Such a pathetic dream. >.<

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