Saturday, March 12, 2011



Last night, I accidentally slept early and now my eyes just cannot close back. So here I am, typing for new entry and hoping what's on my mind will reach you, readers. Again, I accidentally crossed by a blog which I would say the writings were so nice. It was in English. I could not stop reading her entries. Now, I followed her blog hoping that I can improve my skills too as she is.

When I was first had intention to create this blog, My Life. (is about appreciation) I thought of making it full in English. I know, my English skills are somehow still lack of it's correctness, but why don't start now?  I will have the opportunity to improve time by time. I cannot deny that I still have some worries that my readers will prefer their mother's tongue language. But, I hope people will love to read blog in English too. Worth.

I am a person who love to try out new things, sharpen my skills in that new things I involved, and dream that people will appreciate it. That's why I gave my blog's description " is about appreciation ". I encourage people to give appreciations. Indirectly to me but for most to themselves, and others.

I wonder when should I go to dreamland again. Now is almost 3.00 am. hoho. When I was reading my blog just now, I thought of what do my blog main objective to be next. In previous posts, you will know that I used my blog's entries to show how much I love photography.

Since my camera is on SL (sick leave), I have to post something other than just photos or else no new entries.  As I mentioned above about that awesome blog, and " I am a person who love to try out new things ", I made up my mind that I will be a good writer. Not only sharing thoughts and expressions as most people do. But people will be impressed about the writing itself. Can I? I will try to make that dream come true. InshaAllah.

Now, I worried that my readers will feel tired of reading my writing. I know how it feel, cause I do feel tired when I have to read thousands word per entries sometimes.

Will continue writing again. Off to dreamland. By then. Take care. :)

p/s : see.. I just can't stop post a picture.. 

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