Thursday, March 10, 2011

I hope...


" Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams become reality. "

Don't you agree? We always build land of hopes in a very single day.. And it grows whenever we wish for consequences.. It was first when I registered into this blog world, I wanted to share my hopes.. I wanted people to listen.. I wanted people to believe.. With so much hopes, we gather strength and will strive for reality of dreams..

Why blog world? This is where people are free to write their thoughts, feelings, happenings and most Hopes.. By doing this, we feel relieve.. People did post about positiveness and they did post negativeness in blog entries.. For most, we must choose the goods and let go the bads.. That's how we grow into a mature personality through this world.. 

I am actually thought of giving appreciation to those who really pay attentions to my blog and me, myself.. Your presence lighten my days and made my struggling posts worth.. I realize, blog world is not only about expressing our thoughts.. We gather new friends.. I know, people in our daily life is truly obvious can be our good friends.. But, people who we found in blog world is not bad to be friends too.. They are capable.. They also concern.. They read our thoughts in the blog day by day.. I can say they also know better of our feelings and how we feel about things than they who did not really have the minds of our heart.. It does not mean that we should treat them differently.. No.. We treat them equally.. And do friendship's needs.. 

Oh my.. This is what happen when I tried to write my thoughts.. It will pass through a long track before it came to the real idea.. My real attention is, I wanna say thanks so much for those who are really be here in my blog and enjoy reading my thought.. Most.. Willingly to give courages and helps when I need it.. 

I can really tell those people who successfully wrote their names on my minds..


I don't mind my entry's comment is not so lots..
I don't mind my readers are in small number..
I don't mind my followers are not thousands..

I mind if they are here and say hello to me sometimes..

I already signified them as my friends.. Not only in this blog world.. But, in reality..


Arogato gozaimasu!

p/s : Im sorry if somebody's name are not included.. Huhu.. short term memory lost maybe?
p/s : I hope I can meet you guys.. really.. The girls.. For boys.. I feel shy shy.. =.='
p/s : new at here? be my friends!


syabil.sukor said...

my NAME is in there~
YESH~ haha~
excited lak ni~ =P

thx kat akak gak~
rasa kalau tak jumpa contest tu, tak kenal pun blog akak ni~ =P

thx for let me be a part of colors in your life~ =)

p/s: akak~ kalau akak shy~ sy berkali ganda segan~ =P

eezance said...

syabil : ur welcome dik.. awk memang rajin ke sini.. tu yg akak ingat tu.. ;)

p/s : berganda? hihi.. toksah jumpa la..

Nurr Kasih said...

hehe terharu plk..akk pun tersenarai dlm list..tq dear. bru je kenal tp mcm dah lama :D.

alhamdulillah sbb minat yg sama, akhirnya ditemukan di dunia blog. tak sabar bertemu di dunia reality, InshaAllah.

ok take care ;).

syabil.sukor said...

orang2 macam Syab ni mmg rajin nak bertandang blog2 akak2 ni~

p/s: haha~ syab ni pemalu org nyer kalau tak kenal. kalau dah kenal, mesti igt tak tau malu~ =P

eezance said...

Nurr : inshaAllah kak Nurr.. <3

syabil : akak dah agak dah~ :P

Faaein Himura said...

sokong kata2 nurr.. terharu gak.. rasa siapalah saya ni, sy hanya yang biasa-biasa yang sekali sekala datang menyapa ke sini.. kerana minat kita bertemu di sini.. smoga kita akan bertemu di dunia realiti hanya kerana-Nya.. InshaAllah..

moga ukhuwah ini juga akan tetap bersama selamanya.. inshaAllah.. =]