Wednesday, March 9, 2011



" Live by thise credo : have a little laugh at life and look around you for happiness instead of sadness. Laughter has always brought me out of unhappy situations. " ~ Red Skelton

My beloved camera is sick~ She can't open her(my camera..:) eyes anymore.. ;( Its all because I dropped her down accidentally.. Now, she cannot capture any picture anymore.. And I, cannot take any photo anymore~ With this moment of little money in pocket.. I just can be silence.. Can't even go to the shop and ask her to be repaired.. No warranty and no extra money.. *sigh*

For those who are photography mania or photography lovers.. You will understand how I feel.. Don't you? :( More over.. A great event will be held at Putrajaya next week.. A chance to view the event of " Belon Udara" Made me even more sad.. ;(

I wish I can still make it to be there next week.. InshaAllah.. Are you coming too? Let's go~ and bring an extra camera for me yea... :P


fzikuz said...

Feel sorry for what you have gone through.. any way, where's to look the details on about the event at Putrajaya?

eezance said...

Fzikuz : thanks.. :) erm.. I knew it from a friend.. u can refer it at here... ;)

eezance said...

syabil.sukor said...

sabar lak ek kak~ =P

yangyuyu said...

coming dear..jom la, use my camera, take my family photo there:)

eezance said...

syabil : itu kes simpati ke x tu dik.. hehe :P

yangyuyu : are u serious? well, inshaAllah.. I hope i can make it! :D
email me ur contact tau dear..;)

syabil.sukor said...

simpati lah~
kalau tak FINAL~
boleh jer nak pegi pinjam kan sy nyer D60~ haha~

Nurr Kasih said...

dont be sad..ada hikmahnya smua tu.

InsyaAllah ada rezeki jumpa di hot baloon ye. :D

eezance said...

syabil : betul ni? akak tuntut nanti.. :P

Nurr : tq akak.. inshaAllah.. ;))

syabil.sukor said...

haha~ boleh jer~
akak angkut sy dari UM~
tapi nak FINAL ni~ =P