Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swim little swimmy


alhamdulillah.. last night, I managed to practice swimming in the pool.. :) Me, and my 3 friends went to our college's pool and swim there for almost 2 hours.. My wishlist for swimming done! :D I just hope i can swim better that yesterday.. Yesterday was the second session I had practice, monitored by my friend.. They all can swim! oh jealousy~ :( 

so, what do you think about swimming? Is it an important skill must to be learnt? I must say YES.. because we don't know when danger will come.. flooding.. or even we see someone in the river asking for help.. Start learning now.. ;) That's why I really wanna learn swimming.. The other profit for myself is a good exercise, breathing strengthening, & a great enjoyment.. 

How do we can really swim? My friend told me.. 

First : Learn how to control breathing in water.
Second : Learn how to float in water without support
Third : Learn different types of leg movement.. I only able to do ' frog kick'.. Next session I will learn 'paddle' .
Forth : Learn how to move hands. 
Fifth : Learn how to take breath while swimming. ( most difficult! )
Sixth : Practice swimming from North to South of the pool. ( I did this as 3rd but stopped at the middle just to take breath.. :P lalala~ )

Next! Aim for step 5th.. Ganbatte neh!


p/s : seriously, swimming at night is somehow joy, because we can float while looking at the night sky and counting the stars... just, don't do it too frequent.. ;)


Faaein Himura said...

wah... swimming... but i can not swim.. so sad.. huhuhu.. T-T..

*lepas ni minta eezance ajarlah... hehehe...

eezance said...

Faaein : hee.. sy pun masih belajar lagi faaein~ :P nanti dah pandai boleh la~ hihi..

syabil.sukor said...

huhu~ teruskan usaha sis~
chaiyo2~ =D

eezance said...

syabil : tq syabil.. hihi.. ;)