Saturday, March 12, 2011

Appetite goes downhill


I had a good rest today. Sun already shines it shiny light when I opened my eyes. Thank goodness I already woke up early in morning before I went to dreamland again. Bad deed. Sigh.

I used to have a long shower time in weekend since it is holiday. People love to enjoy moments when Saturday and Sunday come. Yet, some people have to be at their office as Saturday is a working day for them, incuding my mom.

I got a not really good news, a contacts of mine had a fall while on sport's activity and now suffered from hand's swelling. I hope there is no broken bone. I suggested to visit my hospital ( not really mine, but where I stay) so that I could do something such as help to reduce time of waiting turn.

Oh, because of that. Now, I lost my appetite to eat. I always anxious when waiting for something, in the same time worried of something too. My heart just do not stop palpitating and yet, me became more anxious. Sigh. I am anxious because I afraid that I can't do anything to help them. It was a long time since I wore my white coat and entered hospital's building. This is what happened when I have a long holidays. Regular things seems to be irregular again.

Now, I am waiting for them to arrive at here. Still, I haven't have my breakfast although the lunch time is coming. I worried that when I wanna eat then they arrive. Then, I have to rush to the emergency department. No no no. I have to wait until their's matter settle. Looking at the clock and looking at the phone. Nothing. hurm.. Are they really coming? or should I go to eat? here, dilemma comes again when someone is unwisely make a decision.

I lost my appetite. Yet, anxious. Help!

Don't worry. I just being dramatic. Hoho.

Take care then.


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