Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hot Balloon Fiesta

 Hot Air Balloon Rides Desktop Wallpapers
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Alhamdulillah and inshaAllah, I will be going to Putrajaya for Hot Balloon Fiesta 2011. Great snapshots outing with my friends, I am so looking forwards..! 

And oh, if you do go there too tomorrow, don't forget to say hello to me yea.. ;) (if only u can recognise me.. hihi) Although I can't make it on Saturday to see the lovely Kak Nurr.. :(  but, still I am happy we will going to the same events.. 

Kind of extra excited I guess.. I hope, weather will be good for us who are going tomorrow.. InshaAllah..


yangyuyu said...

sy pegi esok pagi...cemana nk recognise eezann

eezance said...

yangyuyu : carila yg paling comel.. sy la tuh.. :P hehe.. gurau.. erm, nanti sy emailkan nombor sy ye.. ;)

Nurr Kasih said...

huhu sedih x dpt join ummi dan eezance..xpe InshaAllah next outing ada lagi :D. ok ambik pic byk2 dan enjoy hehe. kak nurr secara solo la nampaknya sabtu ni..harap ada member yg pegi sabtu nti :)

eezance said...

Nurr : huhu.. sedih jugak.. :( inshaAllah.. next time ada.. mesti jumpa kak nurr gak.. ;)

SaYa iNsaN bIasE said...

salam dear...
cheeya p jugak ujung minggu lepas...sangat ramai orang dan ta dapat pown nek belon tue...sebab tiket sold out