Monday, February 28, 2011

Sport's day

salam 'alayk .. :)

last saturday, my lil sis had a sport's day at her new school.. She was so excited and invited us (me, sisters, bro in-law) to her school.. And me, I was so excited too, to support her.. She participated in 100m & 400m runners, and high jump.. 

We arrived there at 11.30 pm where the activities were already on.. We missed to watch the marching ceremony.. :( when I was a secondary school, I do love sport's day where we can see different type of Mascots and their team's theme for that day.. :)

Watching people in my sis school sport's day really reminded me about my old school memories.. I missed them much! I and my elder sis used to be runners in our school.. extraordinarily, me entered long jump and " lontar peluru ".. yeah~ I know i am so thin but I managed to win runner up.. (I think? forgot already.. :P) 

That day was so hot, thank goodness bro in-law brought 2 umbrellas.. :) say no to hottie sunburn~ 

Under umbrella.. watching our lil sis's run..
teams with their decorated tent..

ice cream~ is a must! we bought lots of it.. :D
my lil sis already won her high jump.. :D congrate dear..
now, my adik tide the number at my lil sis's shirt.. her turn was next.. ganbatte!
Run.. run! we did cheered for red team.. :D
I saw Mr. Lion! ngaumm.. 
Mr. Dragon was there too! :D
Performance by self-defense art team.. (silat)

My lil sis friends were enjoyed meet up with each other.. A brief reunion.. :)

Overall, that day was awesome.. Although the hot sun really made us discomfort, but we had fun and happy to see our lil sister.. She seemed to be happy and well adapted at her new school.. I hope she will be fine and manage to study well.. :)

Did this event reminds you of your old school memories? I did.. ;)


Take care..

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