Monday, February 28, 2011

The Chosen Blogger March 2011

salam'alayk people.. 

We almost enter March 2011, and here I announce you my chosen blogger for this month is :

Faaein Himura

She says :

" Hati Menggerakkan Lensa Itu Untuk Terus Berbicara"

From my personal's view of her, she is a talented photographer.. She always post her snapshots to express her minds.. Every single of her photos have their own meaning, and she used them to visualize her thoughts..

Although I and her did not know each other, she always gives motivations and supports.. I think, she might do the same to her fellow blogger's friends too..  She is a nice person and friendly.. Faaein Himura tends to cheer people up and she likes to make people feel happiness..

Here are some of her snapshots :

Visit her blog Dari Lensa Hati to know more about this sweet blogger's potential and her talents.

All the best dear Faaein Himura

Thank you..

The Chose Blogger
March 2011
by Eezance


Faaein Himura said...

As-Salam.. eezance.. I feel very shy right now.. I'm still not good enough to get this.. huhuhu..

apa-apa pun.. terima kasih bebanyak yer my dear eezance.. (^^,)

*terharu ni.. hehehe...

eezance said...

Faaein : ur welcome dear.. ikhlas ni.. rasa nk bgtau semua org Faaein baik.. ;)

anyway, all the best! one day kt jumpa tau..

fzikuz said...

uowh.. visiting her is must be.. ^^

Aku said...

Salam singgah... saje nak jenguk...
Nice blog..