Wednesday, February 9, 2011

La Mode . I

salam readers, and especially the ladies.. ;)

do you love to look stylish, updated, and fashionable ? As a lady, I do agree.. The problem is we do have problem to choose the most suitable outfit for our own satisfaction.. Previous, I do dare to wear something stylish and yet catching people's eyes.. Unfortunately, it just sooo not comfortable.. -.-"  So, i ended up to be a simple lady with simple outfit.. hihi.. I know, nowadays.. Lots of fashionistas born in Malaysia.. And I mean, the Muslimah one.. I do like their ideas and creativities but those of ideas still cannot fulfill my satisfaction in dress up.. 

I hope ladies, you still know the rules & regulations as a Muslimah wearer.. :)

What are the rules?


how about loose? means, when you are outside the house.. people can't jugde your size.. The chest, the waist, the hip and the leg.. How would you know? I hope you can see it from the mirror.. If still can't, you may ask your friend.. " Is my outfit is shapy? " 

But, the person you ask must be a person who know how to differentiate loose and fit.. If you are asking from a person who also wear fit attire, of course the answer will be NO lah.. Which to follow? Rules or whatever.. :)


Alhamdulillah, it seems most hijabies can avoid wearing this type of attire.. The problem is, our scarf.. It is so difficult to find non transparent scarfs except Pashminas.. I know, some Pashminas are too long or big which will make us feel easily hot.. Most common scarfs in market usually provided the transparent of translucent one.. I am annoyed with some stall owners when I said those scarfs are translucent, and they answered NO lah.. But, when I put it on the sunshine.. Absolutely, you will know the truth in seconds.. My advice is be brilliant when you are out for shopping and check either the clothes that you are interested. fulfill the rules or not.. And also, I do have some scarfs which are translucent.. What I did was, I wear a head inner such as those Syrias.. Just choose a strechable or thin one so that you will not feel hotness.. :)


Dear ladies, do you know what are the most precious things in ours that men always look for? I know you did.. :) (the men for sure agreed, I know too..) So, stop making men in love/ interested/admired/ jadda jadda to us, just because our precious assets including the chest.. Cover them.. :) Nowadays, lots of fashionable scarfs are in the market.. In all sizes including XXL.. It is all you know which one you will choose.. Choose the right one okay dear? ;) 

P/s : I am sure there are some other rules, I will share to you again in later post.. ;)
p/s 2 : thanks to Mr. google & picture credited to the owner.. Thank you.. 

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