Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mix match?

salam again readers.. :)

I think I have a new hobby.. I know, this kind of be already bugging me since I was a kid.. I love to play with my mom's scarfs and used them to create a new outfit/fashion.. Scarfs inovated into dresses.. I still remember those childhood memories with my elder sister... We also played our mom's make ups and applied them onto our faces.. Then, we posed.. Catwalking.. haha.. You made me laugh sis! And I laugh myself too.. Whenever my mom's came to our room and knocked the door.. You know what happen to us? We rushed to pull out all the make up and kept the scarfs back to theirs place.. And acted like nothing happen.. We were just a naive little girls, stayed in the room calmly, do nothing.. Then, when our mom when off the door, we started all again! haha.. My my.. is it really me in my childhood life? Ermmm.. :P

Oh, I also love to sketch ladies in different outfits.. Unfortunately, I already thrown them all.. :( maybe I can sketch again and post it here.. Maybe.. ;)

So, back to my new hobby.. I always love to mix and match clothes, colours and etc.. Sometimes my friend asked me how to match their outfit.. And thank goodness they like it.. And the new hobby is I like to create this..

I love it from the first time I saw how people created this to tell what they like to wear and match them together.. I first seen it in a magazine.. Remaja maybe? (how long I stop reading that magazine? so long! hee.. )

I just love to create them and will be inspired to do more.. But, be sure that I am not a fashionista.. I do not wear fashionale outfits and take pictures of them and post in my blog.. And I only can express my ideas and maybe you are the person who make it reality.. So sorry for that.. You will never see me post like  a model or fashionista.. I just don't have gut to do so.. ;)

What do you think?

Mix match of the day :

 Silver. White . Orange

p/s : I just launched a new post label - La Mode . I 
which means 

La mode : French word for fashion
I : I is for Islamic

p/s 2 : Pictures are credited to Mr. Google and all blogshop/webshop owners.. Your pictures are gorgeous and awesome.. Thanks so much.. :) Im so sorry cannot remember all of you..

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