Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Colorful Sweets

salam readers.. 

these conversation really made me smiled..

blue: my roomate
pink : me

" thanks for helping me, here I bought something for you.. "
(while searching for something in the plastic bag)

" hmm? ur welcome.. :) what's that~ "

" here, I also become to love it too... "
(she gave me a pack of colorful sweets)

" wahh.. thanks! you learn to love it from who?"
( with big smile on face.. heee :D)

" haha.. From that person whom used to be a childish girl .. "
(while looking at me.. )

" ngeeeehee.. "
( i know its me.. lalala~ )

hee.. very funny~ (may be you cannot really appreciate it.. sorry yea ;)

She bought me this yummy yum!

thanks so much sweetie.. 

I love U! 


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