Sunday, February 20, 2011

I stepped on UPM's land

salam 'alayk ..

Alhamdulillah, yesterday I went to UPM. My faculty organised a program in collaboration with UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia) and USIM (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia). It is a program closely related to medical issue which is " Medical Fiqh " and it is a series of program which has about 10 different slots. I would say that program was just awesome! You know why? Because most of its talks are about issues related to Muslim patients and their religion's belief. As a Muslim doctor ( next year, inshaAllah) , I have the responsibility to take care of my Muslim patient's needs and religion's practice related to medicine. For example, " Halal " and " Haram " in treatments. I am so looking forwards for next issues to be discuss.. :D

Oh, my message for you is whenever you are seeking for treatment, do ask your doctors regarding the medication or course of treatment either it is Halal or not.. Nowadays, there are so many alternative Halal's treatments and medications.. No reason for use to be negligent or careless about this issue.. unless in a really2 emergency situation.. ;)

When I arrived at UPM's foyer, I am stunned by the buildings and landscape.. One of my character is, I do love nice and wonderful buildings and landscape.. I know you do too, right? ;) One thought came in my mind, " I should continue my master at here! " .  Oh no.. Now I fall in love with UPM.. :D

Unfortunately, I should bury away that dream.. ;( My friend said, it would be easier to continue master in university that i am used to.. Goodbye my dreamy UPM.. 

Sob.. sob..

Moral of the story :

No matter where you're studying.. Its all depends on how you study to success.. ;)

Back to the program's story, InshaAllah.. next slot will be held in my faculty.. I am so excited for it.. :D

notes from the first slot :

To be a good Muslim doctor who practice Muslim ethics is not easy, but not impossible.. 
To be a good Muslim's worker who practice Muslim ethics is not easy, but not impossible..

Everyone must looking forwards for it.. It is our eternal dreams from now on and it should be.. 

P/s : what is Islam's ethics? wait for the details in next entry.. ;)

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