Saturday, February 19, 2011

An enemy must be diminished!

salam readers.. 

have you ever heard warts or in Malay " ketuat " ? if you do, from now on.. please be cautious of its presence at your skin.. 

maybe you think it is just a small thing at your toes or hands, but frankly speaking.. It is an enemy must be diminished! as I repeat, must be diminished! huhu.. I am kind of fainting when looking at a skin with warts.. wanna try to get the same feeling? do search ' warts ' and you will feel like fainting when looking at the images~ *faint*

two or three of my family members had the experience owning warts on their toes.. you know what.. It is really contagious! although in slow rate, it still infecting other skin's area and other people too.. I am cautious now with my toes and hands.. how do you know it is a warts?

first, you will find a cuticle or small spot of outgrowth skin.. maybe the growth is just too small that you may miss it or even think it is normal... how to be sure? cut that skin layer.. if you are afraid, use the nail clipper... if brave enough, use the blade.. but be sure that you already clean your toes and hands, and wipe it with clean tissue.. use the clean nail clipper and cut the skin.. collect the pieces of skin onto a tissue and throw it safely in a plastic or else. just to be sure you are free from the virus or it may infect another victim! 

then, look what is beneath the skin that been thrown away.. If it is warts, you may see small holes beneath it.. now, you are in trouble.. if you do see them, please as soon as possible consult a medical doctor.. he may give you a topical salicylic acid (put onto the skin with holes)..

multiple holes beneath the outgrowth skin.. (watch out! )

salicylic acid.. ( i hope it does help..) 

use the medication and monitor the improvement.. if you realize that the holes increased in number or getting bigger.. again, seek for treatment.. maybe if you are worried enough, go to the emergency department and ask for help.. they may do a cryotherapy ( a spray-like treatment to kill the lesion and viruses)..

hopefully, our efforts will be beneficial for ourselves.. 


p/s : i think i have cuticles on my toe, oh no! :P
p/s 2 : pictures credited to Mr. Google & medical websites.. thanks!


Faaein Himura said...

bila terlalu kuat berjalan.. pasti ada masalah ni..

ps: wah.. eezance.. uat contest... bestnya.. hehehe..

eezance said...

Faaein : betul2.. :) e'em.. sy buat contest.. jom join ?