Friday, January 28, 2011

Organizing the first contest

salam readers.. ;)

Seems like when the internet connection had recovered, I posted a lot of new entries here.. :P I know the exams is just around the corner.. However, I  am happy to share with you guys what is happening in my life nowadays.. Made me can't stop blogging again and again..  And I am so touched with you guys who ever kindly be my followers.. My followers already reached 100 plus of people.. a positive achievement! Thanks very much for your intentions and attentions here.. As I promised in my new year wishlist, I would organize a photo contest if my followers reach 100.. and the call has came~ because of I can't really make it now, I would launch it as soon as possible after my exams.. it is okay? 

I hope most of you interested to join.. 

Take care then~ 

(^^) v

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