Wednesday, January 26, 2011


salam 'alaikum people.. ;)

Librarian is usually referred to the staffs who are working in the library.. But, for me.. Librarians means people who make a new home in the library.. hee.. as my final exams are just around the corner.. Here i am, hibernating,    sitting, standing, walking, and almost lying in the library! my new homie domie place to spend time in these 2 weeks.. Although an 8-hours library stay per day is quite bored.. Yeah, I have to..I am always distracted to study in my room since that place is super warm for sleep, watching stories and surf internet.. bye2 my little lovely room~ I have to be strong and strict!  *firing eyes*

And, to be a librarian is not complete without a sweater/ warmer and mp3 players.. I felt the incompleteness whenever i forgot to bring them to the library~

hoping, I can do all the listed tasks and topics to be covered~ aminnn..

take care..



.::zaimah::. said...

time2 nak exam mmg best bertapa kat library seolah-olah sume ilmu diserap dgn baek..^^

best of luck dear :)

eezance said...

zaimah: so true! tq sweetie... ;)