Friday, January 28, 2011

Love instruments~

Salam readers.. ;)

remember my last post about my obsession? I love playing instrument.. Especially piano.. I owned a keyboard back then but it was destroyed by someone else.. ;( so, i don't have the chance to practice my skills.. sobss...
I also tried to play guitar, but u know.. my fingers just can't bear the tiny hard strings effect.. huhu.. painful.. And, I have a dream! I wanna try playing a violin.. can I? please somebody lend me your violin~ :D

My aunt own a classic piano.. Whenever I go to her house, I can't stop myself to grab the opportunity to play with it.. When your fingers can actually dance fluently onto the keys.. Your heart blooms.. and you will dream to play a song beautifully.. Mine still not fluent yet.. -.- "

Here is one of my trial playing the piano..

Song : For fruit basket

p/s: please don't mind my awkward hand's movement.. :P 

I do love this song because it is sweet.. I know my trial is not good.. Compared to pianist (piano player) and the expert one.. emm... Maybe i should try playing it with guitar.. if anyone of you can play this song well, dedicate it to me please! ^^ 

enough of sharing then.. thanks for reading..

take care.. 

(^^) v

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