Friday, December 3, 2010

Still can eat ! :D

salam readers.. ;)

i really love Mc Flurry.. Nyummy nyum.. :D Especially when the taste of Oreo powder and ice cream mixed together and melts inside my mouth.. *drooling *..

 But, don't you know Mc Donald is already been banned as it is one of the source for I.s.r.a.e.l.i-an's income.. so, whenever i crossed by Mc Donald restaurant. i have to take a deep breathe and walk away.. good bye Mc flurry.. ;(

how can i still eat then? one idea came on my mind.. Why don't i make it by myself? Mc Flurry homemade.. hihi.. So, i ended up buying a box of vanilla ice cream and Oreo biscuits.. 

When i arrived home.. i blended the Oreo.. mixed it and eat! 

Yummy.. the taste Mc Flurry is here ! although there is still some tiny different.. i am satisfied enough.. ;) 

trying hard to snap with one hand while another is holding the mug.. huhu..
do you love Mc Flurry? try by your own now! ;)


Shaofie said...

nice one.
jom join contest dekat bloggg..

zacky ~786~ said...

wahhh .~~ yeker.!! boleh erkk ..!! sedapp yerr..

adibabdullah said... anda telah ditagged..terima kasih coz sudi lawat blog saya

Faarihin said...

wah.. sedapnya.. nak cket.. huhuhu..

♥cutebabygirl♥ said...

favourite i jugak ni!
tapi i still beli kat McD.. =.="

eezance said...

shaofie : tq! nanti sy join ye.. ;)

zacky&faarihin : e'em,, mmg sedap! cuba2.. :D

adibabdullah : baik! tq ye.. dan ur welcome ;)

cutebabygirl : yay.. kte same! ;) cubela buat sendiri.. murah dan leh makan banyak2 tiap2 hari.. hee