Sunday, December 5, 2010

My minutes survey..

My Minutes Survey
Instruction: Once you are tagged,answer all the question honestly..

Person who tagged: lina_lin
Starting time: 02.37pm

Name: Eezance
Full Name: Izzanis (have no gut to say the real full.. ;P)
Siblings: 2 out of 4
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Shoe size:  5 
Hair: black
Height: 158 cm
What are you wearing right now: Maxi dress with cardi (pretty weird qs.. huhu -.-")
Where do you live: Kuala Lumpur
Favourite number: 2 (born in Feb, hee)
Favourite drink: Horlick ice
Favourite month: February! (my month ;)
Favourite breakfast: Bread and bun

= Have you ever =

Broken a bone : Never, hoping forever.. aminn.. :)
Been in a police car : Can I ? :D
Fallen for a friend: Erm.. cant remember..
Fallen for a guy / girl in a short period of time : Always.. if they are really kind.. who don't? (:P)
Swam in an ocean: unfortunately, able to float 5m away from beach only..
Broken someone's heart : I think so.. huhu.. sorry~ ;(
Cried when someone died : If they were closed to me.. yes.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Erm.. let me think.. 
Saved e-mail: Yes, the most important one only.. ;)
Been cheated on : Yeah.. people love to do it to me.. sobs..

= What =

Your room look like: Small girly world.. ;)
What is right beside you : Window.. :D
What is the last thing u ate : Lunch.. hee

= Ever had =

Chicken pox : Yup! got a big scar on face.. hu
Sore throat : Alhamdulillah, currently my tonsil is very kind.. ;D
Stitches: Yeah.. once due to childhood bad accident.. 
Broken nose: i Wish never! hee

= Do you =

Believe in love at first sight : Depends!
Like picnic : Yes! I do..

= Who =

Who did you last yell at : Erm.. i think, my that old school friend maybe? (first and last most scary i've ever done.. hee)
Who was the last person you danced with: hee.. always alone.. shy !
Who last made you smile : my weirdo hobby.. (smile of myself did.. hee)

= Final Question =

What are you listening to right now?
Wedding song from neighborhood ceremony.. huhu can't identify which song..

What did you do today?
photoshooting, helping family, online, rest

Are you the oldest?

Indoor or Outdoor?
What do you mean? huhu.. i love both..

= Today did you =

Talk to someone you like?
yes.. my sister.. :P

Kiss anyone?
err.. not yet.. during bedtime.. my mr. teddy! :)

No mood and energy.. :P

Talk to ex?

Miss someone?
my cat :D

Yes! but hungry already.. hu

= Last person who =

You talked to the phone:?
my uncle, he wanna come today.. :D

Made you cry?
That actress in the TV.. hu

Went to the movies with?
past 4 years ago.. with siblings~

You went to the mall with?
My batchmate..

Who cheered you up?
Me! hee

= Have you =

Been to Mexico?

Been to USA?
Nope too..

= Random =

Have a crush on someone?
yeah.. the bed headboard.. hu

What books are you reading right now?

Best feeling in the world?
Calmness.. :)

Future kids name?
i will tell you next2 time.. ;)

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
cannot.. allergy and afraid the germs! hu

What's under your bed?
my travel bag.

Favourite sport(s)?

Favourite place?
windy garden with lake

Who do you really hate?
crowd and mess

Do you have a job?
yes! full time student.

What time is right now?
03.09 pm

p/s: With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My Minute Survey" and tagged 15 people.

efa nur
nora amila


efa nur said...

tQ ya 4 da tag :)

fzikuz said...

It should be 'My Minutes survey'.. =p
It really was a long, long survey...
Err, this is not compulsory isn't it? =D
Anyway, thanks for your kindness, tagging me which mean I'm being remembered here.. eheheh.. ^^

eezance said...

efa nur : ur welcome.. ;) cepat jawab! hee

fzikuz : u are right! :D i find it quite long too.. kind of give up answering it.. hee :P but then, we must appreciate when we are remembered right?

ur welcome~

nora amila ghazali said...

tq ya... nnti nora buat..

Faarihin said...

wah.. inikah tagnya.. hehehe.. makasih ya.. nanti ada masa saya jawab.. (^__^)

eezance said...

nora&faarihin : chaiyok! selamat menjawab ye.. :D