Sunday, December 5, 2010

Malaysian's new blog selection 2010

salam readers..

i am joining a program hosted by a blogger named Azman Roslan (click his name to join! ) .. ;)

firstly, i am not a new blogger.. i started being a blogger since 2008 and i still active with my first blog.. It is more towards an education blog.. But, since i have too much hobbies and universal thoughts to share, i decided to create a new blog, and inshaAllah it will be a blog that i love much..

my new blog : MY LIFE, is about appreciation

is created on 24th September 2010

with it's first entry : For the first time

my blog is where i share all things that i loved to share.. (as mention in the welcome speech above.. :)) and i wish i am known because of my personality, specials, talents and all that you may acknowledge about me..  i love to be myself and i like to friend so lots..

thank you.. ;)


Faarihin said...

can i be your friends?.. (^__^)

eezance said...

sure~ i would love to.. my friend! :D

Anonymous said...

good luck dear! :)

Anonymous said...

Salam..GOODLUCK!! ;))

Matika Love said...

nik rosmawati said...

gd luck

♥ nur ♥ said...

good luck dear..
undi nur kump 4, no.129

♫ AMALINA ♫ said...

Good luck eh .
Btw , follow u dear .
Follow me if sudi :)
Andd undi sy eh no 74 grup 2.
Awak undi , sy A.S.A.P undi awk

kembatolo™ said...

semoga sukses dari gua..=)

titirara said...

Salam , jom undi tira kat bpm . nombor 215.. mekaseh ye.. suda follow :)

Goodluck k :)

deno said...

good luck dear!!!
deno da folo... (^_^)

qaseh elyanas said...

hye..all the best k :) meh dtg sini nnt awk tgglkan jejak, i follow u back :)

.vna erman. said...

hallu,blog walking
follow my blog
keep support each other