Friday, December 3, 2010

Psychiatry case 1

salam all.. :)

since i am in the psychiatry posting now, and as i promised to you before.. i really looking forward to share with you, dear readers about cases that i faced a few days back.. firstly, you must make it clear that psychiatry is not only about patient who has mental problem which, we always mistaken them by " crazy , mad, insane " or in Malay always called them " orang gila, sakit mental, sakit jiwa "..  but, we must see it them in a positive way.. they can recover and there is always hope.. :) inshaAllah.. 

Psychiatry case 1 :

A 25 year old Chinese man, unemployed presented to us with suicidal attempt. He complained that he was hearing voices which told him that someone is trying to kill him (hallucination). Because of that, he tried to kill himself as he was not able to accept being kill by someone else. 

Previously, he was a drug abuser and had history of accident with 40% of his brain was injured. He was also a chronic smoker and social drinker. 

Further questioning, these problem was mainly influenced by his father's work(casino's owner) and drug abuser friends..

*    *

hmm.. when i saw him, my empathy grows up.. a young man who has the opportunity and power to brighten up his life actually chose the road shouldn't be taken.. readers, those drugs really have bad effect towards our brain.. it attacks our emotion and perception control.. and as the result we will have hallucination.. worst of the worst, it may ends with a suicide.. such a waste! don't you agree?

yeah, maybe you will say " that is not my problem.. " but wait, who knows this bad influence is already near to our brothers, sisters, and maybe our children who are far away from our sight? just a little more time, this influence will spread and approach them.. at that time, you will have difficulty to pull our beloved one back, to the way they should be.. (is it my words are too complicating? sorry! huhu.. )

i am upset with this man because he did not think that those drugs have nothing to do with his problem right now.. but actually, YES they are! and the doctors are shaking their heads because of his ignorance..

home message to you :

1. please concern and know well about your siblings and children friends
2. encourage kindness and righteous
3. quickly bring anyone who have hallucination to see doctor before they ends up commit suicide.. 
4. don't take bad drugs !


fzikuz said...

You're a psychiatrist? I heard it was a difficult work that demand a really high patient and consciousness above all matters. ^^

Faarihin said...

nice pic.. it show that words..

eezance said...

fzikuz: im sorry made u misunderstood.. actually im medical student currently post in psychiatry.. ;)

faarihin : tq dear! :D

wana_love said...

hey i'm a pre-medic student and i still dont know yet, in what field should i specialize myself into. psychiatry seems like interesting:D thanks:)

eezance said...

wana_love : hi wana, a pre-medic student means? u wanna be a medical student is it? got confused already.. hihi. by the way, i think during clinical posting you may have the experience and challenge yourself either you like any posting and it really does suit you.. then you can make the right choice.. for now on, enjoy being a medical student a doctor to be first k dear.. ;) all the best!

fzikuz said...

Wow a Medical student... wish you all the best.. clinical posting sure was challenging.. good luck!

eezance said...

fzikuz : thanks! i hope i will do all my best to be a medical student yet, a doctor.. inshaAllah.. ;) thanks again..

pinky ladies said...

salam, also had visited the psychiatriy ward in a aphysiotheraphy student (kkm student)
awesome :)
gud luck ya ! :)

eezance said...

pinky ladies : salam.. ;) oh.. u are a physiotheraphy student? wahh.. good2.. i always love to see how those students help the patients..

how was it in HKL psychiatry ward? i think u must have the feeling like i do.. the most is, empathy.. ;( gambatte~

all the best too.. ;D