Tuesday, November 30, 2010


salam readers.. 

sorry for being silent for a while.. i've been quite busy with hectic schedule.. plus, i've just entering the new posting which is psychiatry.. everything is overwhelmed on the first day.. timetables, group members, lectures, and etc.. 

well, i must say that i love this posting.. it is different and yet interesting! provided my supervisor is a very nice lecturer and really able to explain any inquiries.. it added up more reasons for me to like this psychiatry experience.. ;) 

oh, and one idea across my mind, why don't i be a psychiatrist for my master? :P hihi.. already in my list then! i have 8 weeks to explore about psychiatry's world.. a world unique from the other worlds.. :) and dear readers, i may post a lots of moments & thoughts about patients in psychiatry.. please be my patience listener/ reader k? 

and i would like to know your comment about psychiatry aspect.. what do you know or understand about it? :) i really appreciate your response.. thanks!