Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Giving..

salam dear readers.. :)

how are you? i hope you are fine.. on last saturday, i got a call from my friend. She requested a company to attend her cousin's wedding.. Oh my, what should i say? Rethinking of works list that overwhelmed, i must say no.. But then, how could i say NO to her.. T.T.. i was in doubt for hours, and finally said YES.. 

why was i doubted? it was actually because i was asked to have a night stay in her cousin's house.. sobs! i am uncomfortable to stay in other people's house.. my mom didn't allow me to do so since childhood.. 

so, why did i said YES? how could a heartful friend let her friend who do not familiar with KTM and KL to go alone? at night some more.. so.. here we were.. her cousin's wed ceremony with one night stay.. i need to give kindness.. hoping my turn to be help will come then.. ;)

and, alhamdulillah.. praised be to Allah for a help.. my other friend who have car, agreed to join us! :D
so, no KTM.. no long standing.. no waiting.. we arrived there in 40 minutes.. 

i brought my camera.. Hoping i can enjoy my journey with something i love to do.. 
and playing with the light.. again! 

abstract light moving effect.. i like.. :)
this also.. awesome.. :D

roadway sight seeing.. 
wedding's gifts
a wonderful wedding valance..

so much things to share.. but i have to prioritize the most important right now then.. ;)

see you again!

p/s : my sis wed is coming! another 2 weeks.. really looking forwards for more exciting photoshoot.. :D


Shaofie said...

nice photo.
cantik giler lah.
nak lagi nak lagi. hahaha

eezance said...

hee.. tq! tunggu eh.. bakal ada lagi nanti.. ;D