Friday, December 24, 2010


i found Dinosaur egg! hee.. :P 

salam dear readers.. 

during my sister's wed.. these are the goodies for the day.. Pindang Egg.. Have you ever eat? Actually, this is a Johore food.. Their culture is to use this egg for wedding ceremony goodies.. None of my senior family member is from Johore but we knew how to cook this egg.. Amazing~ This egg is cooked together with a special leave.. Unfortunately i forgot its name.. please google for it k? ;)

It is delicious and suitable to eat with rice or bread.. Don't forget to add sweet ketchup in it too k! Yumm~


O'gosh said...


eezance said...

O'gosh : rajinnya kamu komen.. i like.. ;)

haidi takeAfoto said...

salam eezance..cntik gmbr2 awk..suke tgk..awk duk area mane k..tq ek follow sy..mane icon follow awk ek??

eezance said...

haidi : salam.. tq! :) ada follow icon kat atas tu.. hee.. cuba try check lagi.. ;)