Friday, December 24, 2010

I need help! :P

actually, this pic above is not related to the post title.. :D i really do love this little sling bag.. It helps much when my wear provided no pocket at all.. ;) so, when i need a pocket to keep my handphone, money pouch and etc.. i will wear this bag.. 

I need help! (trying to go back to the main topic.. :P)

yesterday, when i am really near to Jalan Tar/ Sogo/ Masjid Jamek.. My subconscious mind keeps on influenced me to walk through those places and grab some new items.. but, my conscious mind said.. NO! go back home.. :(  so, i ended up searching for new blouse, skirt, scarf and bag online.. (after 3 months of 2nd semester only my mind opened up for shopping new items.. :)) unfortunately.. i failed to find a nice and cheap skirt and bag.. huhuhu.. can you suggest me some of the blogshop? please~ ;)

thanks for your help.. ! 

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