Sunday, December 26, 2010

What happen when...

salam all readers! hope you have a great weekend plus holidays.. ;)

What happen when.. dot.. dot.. dot.. Should i share? :P 

Well, previously i had much comments about my dress up and wears by family members.. All over were about ' i am like an old woman ' .. -.-' haihh.. then since my mom said ' don't save so much that you cannot buy good wears and look young and attractive '.. so... without notice it, i developed a revenge! sounds evil right? hee.. due to these comments above and that revenge.. I am in urge of buying new clothes and accessories.. As the results, me bought 6 dresses, 3 shirts,1 cardigan, 1 skirt, 1 pant, 2 instant scarves, 2 shawls and inner, 1 bag, 1 long necklace, bracelets, and a cute promise ring! wee hihi.. oh! a long list i think? yeah~ very long.. and it cost almost.. ops.. secret.. :P but for sure not more than rm400.. 

you know what.. it was a really dangerous deal.. fuhh~ i hope those above will be a good deal then.. ;) and this one day shopping was really tiring.. now i am having stomach pain due to gastritis.. >.<

unfortunately, i am unable to show you the dresses and shirts for now on.. maybe later k? hee.. good budget!

psst.. me and my one awesome friend went to Times Square.. There are a lot of cute things can be shoot! wee~

Bokeh effect! wah.. my cheap camera also can snap? nice~ :D

we in the red bell! hee.. 

yummy licious drink.. when you come to sungei wang.. dont forget to taste this one.. except grape! sour.. and cincau is the best~ ;)

Bangles and our promise ring.. ;)

so sweet.. two of us were wearing them~

Move~ BB wanna take pic.. shuh2.. 

i love this light effect on the red wall.. :) orangish!
chicken rice shop.. this time their theme menu is Butter curry.. Like!

Zooming into the ball~ small world!
I want it.. I want it~ :P
They managed to build a very nice design for the stalls.. how i wish to snap them all.. Look! a giant ring~ wee..
these two robots are moving when i snap them.. unfortunately i cannot show you how they move~ cute..

lastly.. my one of fav pics of the day.. Bokeh2.. :D
That's all from me tonight.. Take care readers.. ;)



O'gosh said...

can't wait to see u in those dresses that u've bought!!

eezance said...

O'gosh : me too! but i am so shy meow2.. let's my dress manikin do her job k? wee~ :)

fzikuz said...

uoh!! I was there also! but I dind't upload the pictures in blog.. I only got 1 in Ceritakudulu FB..

eezance said...

fzikuz : wah.. u were there also? how come i cant see u? hee.. awesome kan their decoration.. feel like to bring them home.. ;)

Faaein Himura said...

wah.. nice bokeh.. =]

arghh... me too not feminin like others.. every year always same, nothing change.. hehehe..

eezance said...

Faaein : tq dear! nice to meet u.. ;) yeah~ but we are really feminin insides right? ;D