Monday, November 8, 2010

Now I admit it..

salam all..

have you ever notice this quote? I did.. i first heard it from my supervisor during my Orthopaedic posting.. He was a paediatric orthpaedic surgeon.. And yes, he is a very nice Doctor.. This quote is quite popular in my faculty.. After the first heard, i heard it again and again by other lecturers.. what do you think? i would say it's so true.. 

I have to admit, a medical course is tougher than you have ever imagine,(but it does not means you can't do it.. ^^ ) and if you don't read more, you will not know, and your eyes cannot appreciate every important things in front.. and when you are being asked by the supervisor, then this words come out " I knew this, but i did not expect it is should be that one! " 

yes, i said it for several times.. but then nothing is improving.. my eyes still cannot see what my mind did not know.. so what's next? the answer is READ.. and READ.. and CRITICALLY THINK about what you have read ! 

oh oh.. have to read some more now.. and you dear readers out there.. hope this new quote will guide your days too.. ;)

all the best!


ken said...

i find it confusing :P

eezance said...

hi ken.. why are u confused? ;)