Friday, October 22, 2010

Animal lovers!

 salam 'alaykum dear friends.. 

previously I enjoyed a trip to National Zoo in Kuala Lumpur.. It was actually a volunteering task done by me and my group for our 3rd year assignment.. And, great ! Alhamdulillah, it was a very nice and memorable experience.. You are too close to nature and wild animals.. And to animal lovers, do come and grab this chance of be closer to them! ;) for those who are brave enough, you can feed, touch and even photo-shooting with them.. :)

Here are some photos that I took when I was in the zoo..

oops, please ignore the skin tape on my finger.. it was a small injury there.. ;)
Mr Wizard
Mr Hobbit

If you are a national geography channel lover, this is a Dr. who actually hosting the channel.. He was with Nabil 'Raja Lawak'.. Unfortunately, i haven't took any Nabil's picture.. :)

And I introducing you, the most cutest and awesome creature that can pose so well! : D

Mr Teddy Bear! look how he actually posed.. We're really surprised by his spontaneous action.. :)

So, what do you say.. Enjoyed much? so do I and my friends.. We planned to do volunteering again during our next semester break.. :) If you are interested, come and join us.. Or you can bring your family too.. The advantages are free enter ticket, new friends, new experiences, nice and good photos and memorable thoughts.. ;) click here to know more about the volunteer..

now, I gotta go.. salam Jumaat everyone.. may today bring happiness into you..


ken said...

i like dogs :)

eezance said...

hi ken.. thanks for reading...

unfortunately dog are too tame to be adopted in the zoo.. hihi.. ;)