Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dilemmas.. which one?

salam.. ;)

here it is.. DILEMMA.. and i don't really like it cause you have to choose 1 and neglect the rest.. ok, here is the dilemma that i have.. its about which one should i spend my less than RM100 (Malaysia's money).. 

first : An aquarium with fishes!

blobloblob... i like the sounds of bubbling water from the aquarium.. it will be a really nice warmy view in my room since every other things inside are dead.. or not alive at all.. : p hee..

so, with the aquarium, oxygen pump, solution, fishes, foods and the sandy rocks accessories.. it will reach almost 50 above i think.. can I own this please.. ?

second : spectacle! 

oh, actually i've bought a new spectacle few months back but that spec actually broke.. (please don't ask why..huu ) and yes, i still have to use the old one which is almost 4 years old.. that spec is a little bit small, with discomfort at the ear and nose area.. which gave me some new stretch marks.. then i plan to repair this my latest new spec, but the optometrist said the prognosis to cure is around 50% and maybe they are unable to repair it at all.. they will give me discount 50% for a new frame if i want it.. hmm.. for sure i want it but... still thinking! only less than rm100 i can spend for this semester other than the needs.. 

see.. really old one right.. some scratches on the lens.. :D

third : cooker!

guess what? why should a university student wanna own a cooker in her college room? well.. there is no excuse to vanish our skill of cooking right? only one and half year to go before my graduation.. (i wish! insyaAllah..) and what will happen if I am closer to a marriage but i still have doubt to cook so well as moms did? weekend cooking practice sessions is a brilliant activity i think.. imagine what i can cook in this tiny room of mine.. i would be proud of myself then.. : p 

p/s: actually my other friends already own their cooker since 1st and 2nd year.. why am i so late? ahh.. there is still room for it ! nobody late for something they have not even start.. (what do these words means? haha.. )

oh.. you and you.. i would like to hear your ideas.. please do not tell me to buy all 3.. ;) i will ask you to buy for me then.. : p

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