Saturday, November 13, 2010

My first blog award..

salam my readers.. 

i have an award! but, it is not actually an award FROM a blogger, but it is FOR a blogger.. i am a newbie and i am always waiting for someone to be my follower.. then, this person came, she is the first follower of mine..  

dear chentaMaya, thanks so much for being my first blog follower.. ! :D i really appreciate it.. I think other newbies also would feel the same feelings right? ;) 

i am also looking forwards for more new followers.. and to all my followers, thanks so much to drop by and follow me.. ;) 

thoughts are to be shared and heard.. and it is sweeter when we get respond from other.. :)

here it is.. 

my award :

thanks again chentaMaya.. nice meeting u here.. 

p/s: credit to Mr. Ben ;)

credits pictures to Mohd Shahizal & 7art.. 


chentaMAYA said...

walawehhh! chumel gile! i loike bebeh! nice 2 meet u 2~ hee~
moga ukhwah yg terjalin berkekalan~ amin~

eezance said...

hee.. your welcome dear.. :)
memang cari gmbr paling cute ni nak buat hadiah.. hihi..

amin.. moga ukhuwah berkekalan..

Eliyana said...

comei!!...hehe...sekarang musim award yerk?

eezance said...

Eliyana: hee.. mungkin? terpengaruh dgn post award blog kamu gak kot.. :P hihi

Tomato Gurl's Life said...

wah cantik award..kreatif..ciktom xpernah buat award..hehe

eezance said...

ciktom: hee.. tq! meh la buat award ciktom~ hihi.. salam kenal~ tq singgah blog ni.. ;)

chentaMAYA said...

bebeh! lame xupdate?

eezance said...

chenyaMaya: hee.. rindu da ye? :P tgh dalam proses tau.. ;)