Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tour @ special education school!

salam dear readers.. 

today's tour was awesome.. currently I am in the last week of posting in Opthalmology department.. So, our module's moderator was so kind to plan this tour.. Since we are exploring the human eyes, our lecturer brought us to a special school for blind and severely blurred vision students.. 

briefly introduce you all.. what is so special about this school? it is the only school for blind and severely blurred vision students where they only mix among them.. But, they also have the opportunity to study for PMR and SPM as the other normal secondary students are..! wahh..  Well, i am amazed by this unique school.. ( or maybe only me did't notice it earlier? huhu.. ) some of them already score straight A's in SPM.. hoho.. 

how can they do that? I will show you some pics about how they managed to learn the same subjects as we were during our school age.. the different is, they use Braille to do so.. Again, awesomeness.. 

Let's the pictures tell you the story.. :)

we are arrived here! wahh.. the clouds are really inspiring.. thank you Allah.. 

a briefing by PK HEM.. if you know anybody needs help for a special school, here is the info.. ;)
Braille type writer.. nice right? it only has 9 key buttons.. not as our keyboards.. the students use this to answer their exam..  their typing speed are really amazing.. tap3.. tap3..  (old typewriter sounds) :D

see.. how many were are.. overwhelm the school.. hee.. this is my tour partner a.k.a. my model for photoshooting.. haha :P 

with the Braille on the microwave, now they can cook and bake foods.. nice~ 
that math teacher told us, she needs these models to give the ideas to the student on how do the geometry shapes look like.. it is a very challenging teaching session! 
see.. amazing right? now they can learn math as we were.. gambatte!

This is the Braille printing machine.. they use the computer and print it onto a special paper..

take a break! hehe.. my friends were having some light lunch while listening to the briefing..

this is a cute ball made by the students.. they are all cute in happy colors.. Rm1 per 1 ball.. come and buy!

this is a mini tiny little beads bag.. they are very highly motivated to do this.. like!

this is a student who have a very poor vision.. he was answering his exam paper.. see how big his question words are? but he still need to read it really close to his eye.. huu.. ;(

fuhhh.... the tour is ended here.. :) i love this pic.. thank you my model..! :P

alhamdulillah.. i hope all my readers and friends realize how important our eyes are.. without them, it would be a very big loss.  ;) don't forget to lend a hand for help.. they need us to remain safe, loved, and happy with the rest of their life.. may Allah still give us Grace for sights.. :)

p/s : actually i shot almost hundred pics but it will take a lots of time to resize them.. ;)


eeina said...

nak tanya.. (alaa. malunyeeer)

camne nak buat label ea?
cthnya mcm awk punyer ada diay of bla bla bla..

yna pun nak buat something like that, tp x reti, uhuk uhuk

eezance said...

eeina : hee.. jgn malu bertanya dear.. saling sharing is loving.. :)

label yang color biru tu ek? leh label kat "edit post".. kalo kat page new post tu kat bawah skali ada column 'label'.. leh buat ape2 label baru.. cuba try, kalo x berjaya bgtau tau.. nanti sy email step by pic kat email ye.. ;)

eeina said...


yna dapat daa cara camne..
maceh ajar ye..
malu la, hihihi

lain kali ajar lagi erk.. =)

eezance said...

hee.. wah.. da berjaya? good2..
same2.. nanti nak ty pape ty je tau.. kalo sy tau insyaAllah leh tlg.. ;)

chentaMAYA said...

mcm terharu lak gua tengok org2 buta 2! semangat mesti kuat 2!

eezance said...

chentaMaya : e'em.. memang betul.. terharu kan? sob2.. ;(