Monday, November 15, 2010

My Other Hobby..

salam dear readers.. ;)

today is my first day posting in Anesthesiology department.. its only for 2 weeks.. fiuhh.. a lots of devices and drugs that i need to learn , remember and carry these knowledge for the rest of my life.. Anesth by its term is a loss of sensation or inability to feel the pain.. But by itself is a life supporter or maybe life saver! (oh please, maybe supporter is a better word i think.. since Allah is the obly saver.. ;) and... i dont know why during this busy hours..  my this one hobby is stimulating me to spend time with it.. :P 

in the evening, while the guys are playing football or futsal, and the ladies spent their time by jogging at the lake garden.. i am in my room, sitting and focusing on something tiny and interesting.. i figured out this new hobby since last year.. and i love it so much.. guess what? 

it is crafting! yummy.. :D

Card holder and love handphone chain.. 

I really love to play with craft and colors.. You are free to create anything you want and express your creativity.. i am still newbie too.. there are lots of awesome crafters outside.. i just made a simple one so that i can make more pieces in a shorter time.. ( a medical student some more.. huhu.. )

when i am sewing these craft, then my friend called.. she just went back from Philippine for an exchange program there.. i wanted to go but then my mom does not allow me to.. ;( so, she brought me some gifts from Philippine! yippy~.. :D thanks my friend.. i really appreciate them! She gave me a special made cookies/snacks and a key chain made in Philippine.. those snacks are delicious and finished before i take any picture of it.. huhuhu..

i like to play with colors and match them up.. different tone of colors give different effect and catchy on the picture.. :) do you agree? the red background also known as bright tone give a bigger contrast to the picture than in the pink one which is known as soft tone.. (oh.. i use my own description and philosophy of colors.. hee..)

until then.. Will share some more about colors and crafts.. !

take care.. ;)

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