Monday, September 27, 2010

the ship that I was looking for..

salam 'alyk..

i have been looking so much true love in a friendship.. and it is sweeter in a loving friend (shohabah) because of Allah s.w.t.. I just rode a dedication of a friend to her best friend, and her top wishlist between her and her bestie is " together till Jannah ".. subhanallah.. Is it really a sincerely love.. You can't afford it.. So worth! That kind of friendship is the ship that I was looking for.. I wish to sail on it with my heart glooming with happiness.. Our love to Allah grows every single day.. 

Oh Allah, I really wish to enjoy the feels every single day..

(R- my lovely , M- my deary, Z- my sweety)

p/s : i should practise to express my friendy loves.. ;)

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