Monday, September 27, 2010

" The IMAN of a Muslim is like air in the basketball.. You know when the air insides is emptying, like you heart know the IMAN is emptying insides.. "

Like the basketball, (why am i using basketball? just like so.. ;p )
you wanna bump it onto the floor..  but, because of low air pressure inside, you get irritated when the ball is not rebound like it should be.. you cannot win the game right?

you will find another ball to replace it, of fill the ball again with the air.. until the ball can bump and rebound, you are satisfied, can continue your game and maybe win the day!

what does this related to IMAN?

you can feel your IMAN is emptying, and you know you should refill it again and again because you used the air to continue your game and achieve success.. but when you leave the IMAN keep on emptying, you will feel like the world (your game) is kind of miserable.. and you have to really strive your days.. at the end, you will feel some emptiness still insides.. 

lack or no AIR? no IMAN?

you choose.. ;)

p/s : and i should choose also.. of course we wanna do our best, but Allah knows who we are.. still lack of it.. ;(

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