Thursday, January 15, 2015

First Anniversary

Praised be to Allah s.w.t. for blessing us to stay together until today.
And InshaAllah still together until Jannah. Aminn..

1 year seem too fast passed by us. As people may say,

" The first year of marriage will always feel good and beautiful but the challenging part starts in second year up to the fifth year of marriage. And for those who able to stay more than 5 years, InshaAllah their marriage with last forever. "

I heard this thought a lot before ,  but somehow it gave me courage to succeed. A marriage never been easy for anyone. Nothing can buy a happy marriage but you can gain a beautiful marriage.
The meaning is so deep that even you in your hard days, you hold your hand tight and face it. When every matter is settling down, you can feel the relief and realize the beauty behind.

Alhamdulillah, we made it to stay loving and care for each other until today..

Dear my life companion a.k.a. husband..

Thank you for being kind and caring
Thank you for being patience and tolerance
Thank you for being who you are that I have nothing to ask more

Forgive me for all my incompleteness
You complete me

May we rise and reach a better year this year and next years ahead
May our love keep growing and stronger
May we help each other to be a better person
May we be a good parent

Love you
As I always do

This song is dedicated to you my dear :)

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