Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Adam's Aqiqah Day


Adam's Aqiqah Day went well last Saturday. It was my first time organizing my family's event as the master planner. With the catering, canopy, and goodies.

Thank you Delirasa caterer for your amazingly delicious foods!
Thank you Kad Kahwin Online for such cutesy mini booklet for daily prayers!

At the event, I was busy chit chatting with the guests. Most of them complemented Adam was very good with the crowd. And some of them were curious how to make small babies behave like Adam who was sleeping through out the event and not a single cry. (Actually I was like that too, sleepy head. :p)

I smiled. " Well, we can say it Rizq from Allah s.w.t. " Short and full of meaning answer was given. They smiled and agreed.

But when I recalled back, Of course he enjoyed his sleeping time because his stomach was full and his pampers was dry. ^_^ "

With babies, we must make sure they are full and free from irritants like hot air- condition, sweaty and wet bottom. Then, they are happy and easily fall asleep by themselves.

 And with additional breastfeeding at night/weekend, Adam will easily fall asleep . I do not need to swing and pamper him to sleep anymore.. Win win..  ;)

Thank you everyone who involved in preparing this event..
Thank you everyone who came to this event and for those who gave him gifts..
We really appreciate all your good thoughts and Du'a..

May Barakah follows your kindness and care.

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