Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hibernating Phase

This Thursday will be my official long days leave. 2 weeks earlier than my due date for delivery. And 2 weeks more to go does not sound like far away right? But, I can say I am not 100 percent ready for it. Or even 90's. The emergency bag is ready to grab on , with a hardworking and takes time to prepare it .. There will always be things missed or forgotten to buy. *sweats * And even having some painful Braxton Hicks contraction made me misinterpret it as labor contraction pain.

Which, made me realized... To be well known about pregnancy and delivery will not promise you to fully understand the reality of it until you experience it yourself. You cannot judge a patient in pain if you never experience it yourself. And you cannot judge patient's defaulting or difficulty of compliance when it is reasonable.

I have seen scenes of delivery with a lot of tensions. The struggling that the patient faced and the medical practitioners need to face. We get frustrated when patients are not cooperative and we need to scold/shout to get them into the correct way to deliver. And the patient get frustrated when they are being scolded/shouted to.

However, once we understood the patient's pain and the struggle they need to go through. We should how to treat them appropriately and according to the correct emotions.

Well well, how far I've gone out of the topic..

2 more weeks to go. Let's pray that the delivery will be smooth and easy going. InshaAllah..
Looking forwards for a new family member soon. ;)

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