Tuesday, April 8, 2014

U Hotel Design

Salam'alayk.. ;)

The story begin like this..
Once upon a time, 
There is a husband who stays in KL.
He works there..

While his wife, 
Is staying outside KL about ~ 130+ km far away..
So since he is a Medical Officer, 
which is not working on weekend except for oncall days.. 
He will come to visit his wife on every weekend free.. 
But, not every weekend his wife is free too..
Sometimes, she has duty on Saturday / Sunday.. 

One fine day,
He planned to come to visit his wife..
They usually stays in homestay since her wife's rent house is shared with another colleagues..
Then, he said :
" Do we have to stay in that homestay again..? I'm boring when you have to work while im staying alone.. They don't even have interesting thing inside like astro.. Their TV also only have 1 channel partially working..  "

She just smiled and said.. 
" Hee... what to do.. another 4 months to go. Let hold this till the end okay.. ? "

He agreed.. 

But deep insides his wife heart.. 
She wanted to find a better place to for her husband to stay while she is working.. 

While busy googling on nice place to stay, she had idea to stay in hotel.. 
And luckily she found one nice affordable hotel which her husband sure love it much..

It is called U Hotel Design 

1 room only cost rm90/night
- 1 queen bedroom
- flat screen TV + astro channel
- 24 hours CCTV to car-park , also included in the TV channel
- 24 hours rent pendrive with updated movies
- WIFI connection 24 hours
- aircond

And when it is about a Design hotel, the interior designs are really awesome!
We give 5 stars to this hotel..  ;)

If you are coming to these place with U Hotel design around, do a visit to their place.. You sure like it.. !
Have a visit to their website to know more details :

** All pictures are credited to website U hotel design

I made it a surprise present for my husband for his effort to come all the way from KL every free weekend..
He enjoyed much staying there when I am working..
And we had good time together , watching all the movies there.. hihi.. 
We even registered as member..

Now, he don't want to stay in any other place other than U hotel.. Hoho.. 
Since he is paying the cost.. Im agreed! heee... ;P

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