Wednesday, April 2, 2014

81 days

We live as husband and wife for 81 days.. Sounds few days right.. It may be significant if I say 3 months old age of our marriage.

Alhamdulillah , thank you Allah..
And more grateful as He granted us with a little one..
Hopefully it will grow up well and safely delivered to our world..
Insha Allah aminnn..

My morning sickness was quite bad..
I did not vomit much
But I did not each much also, due to the nauseous feeling inside my throat..
All day long..

Being in cafe/restaurant is like being tortured
Delicious aroma smells like some terrible dishes
I will run away from being close to those places ..  -.-

And being in the ward
With infected wounds and all
Being tortured again.. T.T

And the most disappointment
People could not understand your condition
And they thought that you are just being lazy and rest all day

I can just say..
Let see how you are doing when your turn is next..
Let see.. * sarcastically*

And currently,
I able to take orally
Better than before
But still with limits
Hopefully the sickness will leave me soon..

No matter hard I am facing daily life right now..
Deep inside me..
There is none of my thought saying i will regret..
That's a mother heart I think.. ;')

Hopefully things will get better..
Another 4  months to go before I will go back to KL..
And start our daily husband and wife life..
We have been a weekend husband and post night call off wife life still now.. Hihi..

Till then
Take care..

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