Friday, October 25, 2013

New label begins ... # To Understand

These few months back..
I realised,
There are a lot of things I haven't understand..
After these 25 years living as a human kind..
I becoming to realise there a lot more to understand..

A process of becoming a mature human maybe?

For 25 years,
You can have a double degree, double master, even PHD and subs.
But people tend not to progress upwards as time passed by.
Including me. Omo.

People is being childish sometime because they want to get attentions, to be attended to, to be concerned..
And they become mature when they want to give, to pay attentions, to concern.

That's natural.

Well, I keep on busying myself with works, and almost forget one of my wishlist, to be a writer. Al least a book is published.. yeah, I know.. It sounds like a fairy tale dream.. Or should I make it a reality? Beat it up!

Being away from home alone,
And being exposed to new world.
Meeting different kind of people.
Sound like a phlegrim.

I wish to share.
Things I able to understand
And make people realise.
There are things we forget,
Yet it do help in our lives.

# To Understand and Believe

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