Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Help

From Ali (R.A), narrated that the Prophet (S.A.W) said:
"Prayer is the weapon of the believer, a pillar of the religion, and the light of the heavens and the earth".
(HR Al-Hakim)


This hadith is a well known among Muslim all over the world. When I first heard of it, I was like.. " Who I am fighting for? If.. Du'a is a weapon? " 

But then, when I tried to understand it with my own language.. I understood it this way.. " Du'a is the power of Muslims , the power of help in any kinds of way.. "

One find day, I was working in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in which a ward for very very sick babies that are being cared by Doctors and Nurses in-charged in Paediatric team. There was a baby being supported with ventilation ( with respiration tube), had a very bad infection which we had to further investigate. That time, I was requested to counsel the mother about a procedure as part of our investigation needs. 

This mother, with a tired and sad face. Looking deep into her child's incubator (small warmer box for small baby) and her eyes were wet with tears. I know her feeling and called her up to sit and had a talk with. 
After the counsel, she said about her expressed breast milk. Her first expressed breast milk (colostrum) was stored and kept for her child but because of the child need to be fasted for few days,  the milk was throw away when it was already due date. She showed her frustration not able to feed the colostrum to her child.

This hadith came to my mind. Then I said, " Mother, when ever your are expressing milk, do pray together when expressing it , pray to Allah s.w.t. that this milk that you are expressing now is somehow will help your child to become healthier. InshaAllah.. " 

The mother nodded. Agreed. 

" We are trying our best to help this child, but you have to have faith too.. We do not know what will happen next to this child later on. If Allah s.w.t. love him more, we have no other choice but to ' redha '. 
You have to take care of yourselves, have a good rest, a good mind and a good emotion. You have another 2 children above him that needs you too.. Be strong.. Don't be sad and depressed like this, it will affect you.. "

She nodded again. And smile although it full of sadness. 
Oh Allah.. give her strength that she needs. Help her go through this without loosing faith.

Du'a is a real power and its so powerful, that can change a strength of a human.
Be it in a really simple matter or a big mess matter. It will help you when you du'a to Him.. 
Never ever forget this. For me as a reminder too..

Till then, take care..

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