Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet 25th & cameron duos


Alhamdulillah, I am now a 25 year and 3 days old lady.. Thank you Allah..
A precious life one's will never let go as long as grateful is insides..

Well, I did took a long long leave for a vacation in Cameron Highlands.. Which was so so great and wonderful.. :')  And it do has its not so good part too.. ;(

I was on leave since last Thursday and we departed to Cameron Highlands on early morning of Saturday. The traffic was so bad, the journey that should only take about 3 hours turned out to be 6 hours~~

After that long long journey, Alhamdulillah we made it. Arriving in the land of Cameron as planned..
We were so excited to feel the refreshing air but the cool breezing wind blew us.. So cold! It was so weird when people whom used to live in this land no more wearing sweater in that kind of coldness..

This will be our first time going to somewhere breezing place which required sweaters, muffler, cotton glove, socks and even ear warmer! No matter how people look us with weird expression, but we were really cold and cannot stand it.. Huhu..

I didn't have the chance to capture how was the Cameron looks like in reality but actually it is just a small area which like a size of Gombak? Kind of la.. hee..

And we didn't really visit much farms as too many visitors and jammed with carss..
But being in Big Red Strawberry Farm is so so worthy!

To book a place for stay was a headache.. I even search for Homestay in and Alhamdulillah, the one I booked online was so wonderful. The owner name was Mr. Zharif and it costed about RM250 one night, A royal lily apartment in Tanah Rata.  since my mom requested to stay another day, we found another homestay in Taman Sedia.

We did went to Boh Tea Farm half way because it was closed at 4.30 pm.. Huhu.. There was Lavenders too! Purple, red and yellow.. How I wished to touch them.. ;(

I will give total of 3 stars out of 5 for this vacation since we can't really visit much all the farms, and it was complicated with traffic jam.. :(

Here the piccas~

my most favorite flower! 

Nostalgic bridge in Taman Sedia, Cameron.

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