Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Strawberry and chocholate


Insha Allah by end of next week which will be my birthday, my family including me will have a vacation in Cameron Highlands! It will be our first timer in Cameron.. So much excitement and anticipation.. What will be the outcome? Hopefully lovely!

It was such a big headache at first to book a homestay because most of the places were full , it's chinese new year~ But, alhamdulillah I made it to book one which is cheaper than others. Super peak days really make a big hit, the prices doubled!

Although I couldn't get my chance to stay in Ros Chalet, I hope I can visit it.. That place is so lovely.. Huhu.. it's totally full.... ;'(



Looking forwards to meet strawberry and friends~ May Allah simplify our journey and bless it with safety all along the journey.. Amin~

Wait for the entry yea~

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InIamIz4 said...

enjoy ur day ya! try to get the chocolate at Brinchang night market and eat with strawberry. ummpphhh! yummy!