Sunday, July 1, 2012

So Thoughtful

I never met anyone that so thoughtful as her.
She knows well what people seeks, and she understands more than people expect. 
She, is my mom. 

When I was a little girl, her lips never miss to advise and remind us, the sisters. We thought, she was so annoying. Everything we did were wrong until we followed her words. But when I grew adult, I realized that every parent are amazing but, she is the most thoughtful! 

One of the thing that no one can beat is, when she is going out or sending someone home, she will always wait until they arrive their home and lock their gate before she leave. I admire that. I hardly can find any parent to do the same thing. Nor to their children or anybody else. My mom is just so awesome, right?

As we grew with all these advice and reminders, they were implemented in us and we are used to it. And now, we (my sisters) are the one who guide and take care of our friends just like how my mom did. For example, when friends and I were on our way back home by express bus. One of my friend had to get out earlier than us and that time was about 9.30 pm. She was alone with her bags. When the bus moved, I messaged her saying " M, go to the bright and crowd area. Be careful. Take care.. " Just like how my mom always reminding me.

We may feel our parents are kind, but sometimes they get fierce, annoying and like king or queen controller. But, deep down insides them. They did it because the love they cherish. They panic when they are worried, they can't focus when their heart are beating fast. Yet, sometimes they don't know the best way to show or act. People make mistakes, including our parents. What we have to do is, give them chances until the love touch our hearts. :') Insha Allah..

I love you mom (I seldom say this). It is just that I am that shy shy daughter . ;') Hee.


Diana said...

Saya singgah sini.. =)
love this story..

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izzanis said...

Diana : tq dear.. :')